Lethal Laughs

    Our characters start each show by mingling with the guests as they arrive, striking up conversations and introducing the “theme” of the evening.  

     Our collection of comedy Murder Mysteries includes a cast of four to six professional actors.  Although we primarily work in the Tri-State area (New York, NJ and PA), we are happy to travel anywhere to enhance your event.  

    Laughs abound as your guests interact with the characters and watch one of them die dramatically.

    Then your guests get to play detective and figure out who did it and why.  An evening of entertainment at a reasonable price.


    During dinner, we present each “scene” around the courses of food, or with appropriate breaks at a buffet dinner.  This way, the story is advanced with intervals for the guests to talk, eat or listen to speeches and music.  

   As the story line progresses, a “murder” occurs.  Accusations are bandied about by the actors, with a motive revealed for each character.  

    To top it off, we pass out ballots to the audience, asking them to write down who they think did it and why.  We quickly review the ballots and find the best and funniest answers.

    Finally, with only a few moments of preparation, the actors “reveal” the killer, using the reasons stated in the winning ballot.  We then read the best answers and award prizes for the winners, if you so choose.

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Murder Mystery Show