Lethal Laughs


     Get your tickets and get ready to ride with a  group of renowned detectives who are traveling on that famous train “The Unique Express”.  

    You’ll meet Lieutenant Coldumbo, the rumpled homicide specialist, Miss Marbles who acts more like Miss Manners, and  Hercules Parrot, the French sleuth.  

    Also on the train is the Victorian Dreadlock Homes and his assistant Dr. Weston, as well as a mysterious stranger, who --  stranger still -- meets with foul play!

    You will join this group of sleuths as they must find the killer before the body count rises.  

  There will be laughs galore as the murder authorities can barely agree on anything-- or get along at all.    

     This comedy murder mystery lets the audience interact and help the famous detectives as they seek the killer before he strikes down each in turn.