Lethal Laughs



   Here are a few brief clips from shows we’ve performed.

   Notice how our easy comedic style delights ANY audience.

    Just click on any of the icons below to see what we mean.

    Doing an unusual event near Halloween, we supplied “A SLAYING WITH THE STEINS” for a group in Pennsylvania -- with obvious comedic results!.

    In this case,  the audience came up with a “bawdy” solution to the crime. But since our ending IS selected by the ballots from the audience-- we just went with it-- and everyone had fun!

    Our fun-filled parody of an Awards Show “SOAP SUDS OF DEATH” brought our group of competitive villains into an otherwise relaxed corporate dinner.  

    The audience came up with a solution that pointed the finger at one of the actors, but also the head of the company!  All in all, a great evening of entertainment -- for us as well.